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    K/D related topic


    K/D related topic

    Post  Guest on 3rd February 2009, 12:57 pm

    I know I told everyone how to figuire their K/D ratio already in another topic,"prestige".

    Something is bothering me so.....

    Firstly,I think anything to do with score on the leaderboards is broken anyway.It means nothing.
    Secondly, Killstreaks and win/lose stats are meaningless.
    Headshots only matter if you snipe.It doesn't matter if you sit at 65 or you keep prestiging.

    I put this to you as a group because I find myself looking at my K/D alot. It's the only stat
    that IMO is important at all. If it goes down, I find myself playing more of a conservative style
    because I think i'm doing bad.And alot of the time I want to be gunhoe and go help,but I start thinking of
    how it's not logical to go fight 3 guys just to help a 2cnd chanced team mate.
    Sometimes I feel bad that I don't help,and I'm slightly paralized by it. I feel at the end of the match
    when I have the least amount of deaths that I did in fact do something noteworthy,but it also always shows
    (even though im in the positive) the least amount of kills most of the time.

    I think im overthinking it alot. But i'd be crazy to think it had nothing to do with my gameplay.
    I've always been a stat guy. Even on sports games in franchise mode,i'd pour over every little detail.
    Am I taking this to serious? Or is it o.k. to study yourself in that manner?

    I know........d...e...e...p.... :scratch:

    Re: K/D related topic

    Post  Guest on 3rd February 2009, 1:13 pm

    Honestly, I think you are taking it too serious, although I'm not a stats guy. I like a wide k/d spread and try to stay on the positive side of that. But at the end of the day, doesn't bother me. I'm trying to take a teamwork mentality now, which is reducing my death rate and kill rate proportionally.

    Also need to consider the competition. are you up against naders and flamers, or rifles and smgs. That impacts death rate for sure!

    Just one man's opinion.

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