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    Tuesday Night



    Tuesday Night

    Post  Guest on 4th February 2009, 2:16 am

    GREAT MATCHES!! I never laughed so hard at some of them.

    Earlier in the day I was mad,cause it was snowing like crazy here in Jersey and the damn power kept knockin me off.
    It would go out,come back on,ugh!! ANYWAY.....

    That match on upheaval with that 5th prestige guy z101[r] or something? LOL
    He left cause he was gettin pwnd.

    That tittyfuck guy got all 13 of his kills with RN's on cliffside.Till I started FG blasting him from across the map. LOL

    Me DV8 and(who else was it) Wacko or Blown? On courtyard(I played with alot of you).
    Anyway, COURTYARD!!! That damn 916assasins guy pissed me off so damn much the match before,
    I made it my personal buisness to annoy him. I think I almost had 30 kills? Dogs,etc.

    Then there was that sage guy who teamkilled me twice,then once at the end of that castle battle.
    A-hole. I left cause he was doin that and he wouldn't leave the next match. Sorry Blown an DV8.

    I think the one castle match was rediculous. We lost by 4 damn points cause that smelly guy got BB'd.

    DV8....good asylum match when it was just us 2. I think we both were 20+ in that one?

    All around solid waves of killing. LMAO


    Re: Tuesday Night

    Post  Guest on 4th February 2009, 9:24 am

    Good matches.

    I think I'm going to lay off the HC, though. I suck soooo bad at it. Just don't have the style to camp and wait, so when I make my rounds around the map, people keep killing me from the bushes. It is a gratifying feeling to headshot someone across the map with the Garand, though. Sage kept killing me with his gun and damn martyrdom, so right before the end of the castle match, I headshot him from behind at point blank range. Made me feel better. :)

    that Tittyfuck guy was pissing me off with the RN. But, I have a strategy to deal with them. Always keep cover and lure them up close for a 1 hit kill. Works most of the time.

    I've been trying to work in different weapons, which is contributing to my suckage. Went back to MP40 at asylum and you saw the results. I do think that the Thompson seems to work better on HC cause it is more accurate. Just one mans opinion. Anyways, great matches.


    Re: Tuesday Night

    Post  Guest on 4th February 2009, 1:28 pm

    See my thoughts on tommy/hc in the gun topics....

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    Re: Tuesday Night

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