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    Tuesday Night Fights



    Tuesday Night Fights

    Post  Guest on 11th February 2009, 2:54 am

    Of course,post anything Tuesday here....

    GG's to all. I had time to play,finally. I hope everyone understands that you kinda hit me when I
    first jumped on,so I was far from warmed up. LOL Some HARDCORE!!!

    Courtyard: I hid one match.Tried to be stealthy,which its hard to on that map.
    Myself and DV8 had a good one here though,top two scores 25+. I needed 1 more
    kill for dogs,but wandered in too close to DV8's arttilery strike. 👅

    Asylum:My controller died. I managed to get to the bathroom and pause it for a battery install.
    I kept wondering why I would fire A bullet then reload alot. The juice was low.

    Cliffside: 1 damn kill from dogs and some guy with jugg clipped me. I managed to land handgun
    hits on him,but the jugg said NO. BUT....I did manage to get the 750th point to end the match
    from the back of the wood tower all the way to just behind the plane on the bridge with the MP. LOL
    The 1 match I left,it was soooo glitchy and laggy.

    Upheaval: I dunno what I was doin....dogs 2 times? LOL I just kinda wandered there...

    Hangar: My connect was bad in the one match I was skippin around. But in the 2cnd match I
    went 14-1. That was the match when the 4 of them were firing from the 2 door 1 level house up at the
    catwalk opening. I picked up some guys MG,ran all the way around,and mowed them all down,lol

    Castle:When it was DV8 and myself we had a good top 2 scores there. Funny thing about that match at the
    end. DV8 straffing left to right by the stairs near the dojo.Meanwhile im in that little window firing in between
    him pooring on the rounds into that opening under the tower. LOL I was tryin sooo hard not to shoot him.
    The one match I was there with DV8 and grim,but my wii froze. So i had to yank out the power cord. UGH!!

    I did try to jump on with stewie for some TDM,but this guy tyler had such a bad connection,I kept gettin
    locked in the class select,or being kicked. I was wondering if he was kickin me or not?

    What was up with k-man? I seen him on the list and nobody invited him to the party? Could have used his gun.
    All n all I wasn't in the zone like some nights,but my death count was low. Now that im up past 2.00k/d I really
    havent cared much about how many I kill.


    Re: Tuesday Night Fights

    Post  Guest on 11th February 2009, 9:40 am

    Yeah, pretty good night. we worked as a team well. I had only a few friendly fire incidents (sorry Grim). Sarge's death count was real low. I think we stuck together well and covered each other's asses. When I'm using fg, I don't have betties, so I relied on Sarge's accurate placement. Didn't lose once.

    On upheaval, my kill count was low cause sarge and grim kept sending the dogs, lol.

    Funny story on hangar, I hit A button to run and happened to be over a dead body. switched guns by accident. Sarge (i think) was behind me and stole my FG! at least it went to a good cause!

    Feel better about HC after last night. I think the teamwork helped.

    Also played some good matches with Stewie before you guys got online. I was in the process of killing my 7th on cliffside when my connection timed out :(

    I kept inviting k-man, he didn't bite though.


    Re: Tuesday Night Fights

    Post  Guest on 11th February 2009, 10:59 am

    I didn`t get to play at all yesterday. Sounds like you all had some great games though :)


    Re: Tuesday Night Fights

    Post  Guest on 11th February 2009, 11:05 pm

    LOL DV8,did you go back and look for the FG??!! LOL I swear that was luck cause I was soooo low on ammo. LOL Yeah,we did some nice cover movement on hangar with the underneath section of that house. Set the betties for our ass coverage,then moved up. I noticed we covered doorways better. Only thing about the deaths being low,I'm trying to be a smarter player rather than run into the fray.Doesn't yeild alot of kills,but the k/d climbs,and I noticed I get a bigger bonus at the end of the matches. If I only kill say 9 ppl i've been getting like 200+ points??? Weird.

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    Re: Tuesday Night Fights

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