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    Im Done...for tonight.



    Im Done...for tonight.

    Post  Guest on 12th February 2009, 1:53 am

    I'm done caring about this game....All the ranks/stats are meaningless.I hope they never put the leaderboards back up to be honest. Because now ppl can't say shit about anyone. I watched a 10th level prestige guy using RN's the whole game and wondered how he got up there in rank.

    I live in a beach community,and every single day im doing good the power flux's and my t.v./wii goes off. 3 times I had a nice 30 kill game going only to have it erased.Today I was doing horribly,so I didn't care much. Plus nobody was on earlier.

    Tried to play with DV8 a HC match,started out bad,but I was evening out.Finally,another member to play with. Then the power garbage happens,and off goes my wii.

    I was just so damn annoyed today that I couldn't even focus. I had one good game earlier with grim,1 with DV8,and some random PoW clan guy I was teamed with for a few matches.

    I did see shaqs,DV8's,FLAK,and grims invites...in case anyone was wondering if ppl get their invites. Also seen like 5 or 6 clan members on at once. Were you guys doing 4vs,random?

    Not a good day for me period. Just annoyed with all the RN's and teamkillers.
    Hope I have time to catch you guys mon-wends again.

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