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    Connection Interuppted.



    Connection Interuppted.

    Post  Guest on 4th February 2009, 2:37 am

    I am mad at myself for not keeping the damn site I read it on,but I found something
    interesting I thought I'd share....

    2 friends were playing a private match over the net,and one guy kept killing his buddy.
    His buddy was gettin so pissed that he kept resetting his Wii in the middle of the match.
    The other guy(who was doing the killing) ask him why his connection was so crappy
    because he kept getting "connection interuppted" on his screen. So they put 2 and 2
    together and found that each time he(as the host) reset his Wii,it shows the other guy
    the error message.

    Makes me wonder if I was crazy when I said the leaderboards were broken on like the 3rd
    page at gamefaqs?! It's why I only count K/D.

    Experiment Time!!!! I checked my stats first....
    Now out of curiousity,during a match,when I wasn't the host. I had an even score going.
    Like 3 and 3. And I went off into a corner and reset my wii. When I checked the stats,they never changed.
    So I think the people who have all the wins,way high kills and little deaths,wait for great matches or
    they do that.

    I'm not into that garbage,but it explained alot for me.Besides,gotta be bad to keep resetting the Wii
    like that??


    Re: Connection Interuppted.

    Post  Guest on 4th February 2009, 7:03 pm

    Its called timing out and that is how a lot of people got such good K/d. If you time out during a match the stats won`t be there when you go to check your stats when you turn your wii back on. They would do it when ever they would do bad.

    People say that this is how Toun got his 500+ win streak

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