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    GG's Wends.



    GG's Wends.

    Post  Guest on 5th February 2009, 12:19 am

    K-Fib,Vesp,Hero,and DV8....great games....

    I was having a bad day with my hands. After lunch time they started trembling bad....
    And having just prestiged didn't help. I don't feel handicapped by it, it just feels unfamiliar
    to me because my class setups are gone. K-Fib on courtyard against me and Vesp was
    very interesting. I keep doin the same dumb crap over and over. I prestige,then go into HC
    matches to up my levels,and get use to spraying the line across the chest. IT DOESNT WORK
    ON TDM....why can't I remember that? LOL

    I wasnt gonna play with that guy amishmafia. In case you were wondering why I left DV8.
    He teamkilled me a bunch on a match earlier in the day cause I called dogs and artillery. I think
    he had it ready and couldn't do it or something. Poor sportsman.

    I seen that we had a visit from GOD. LOL in the challenge forum.
    PoW. I unfortunatlly wont be on WAW
    till monday night. I have to work every night till then. I'll be on in the morning practicing,but thats
    all I can do. Mon-wends. next week looks good. I dont know about the rest of it.

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    Re: GG's Wends.

    Post  stewie on 5th February 2009, 7:23 pm

    Man, I hate being inactive in my own clan. Just because of the people hogging the T.V. in my house I have to be inactive. sorry guys :|

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    Re: GG's Wends.

    Post  Guest on 6th February 2009, 8:51 am

    None of us are worried stewie! We do miss ya beastly shotty,but it's all good.
    Remember,it was a clan for laid back ppl who have lives outside of gaming.
    You started something here,that's for sure. Cause I don't know about anyone else,
    but it would feel weird not playing with you guys. This is a good group. You have a
    great idea of what a clan should be,so im sure we'll all be here for quite some time.

    Or at least till the next online multiplayer Wii money maker comes out. Then we'll all
    be playing that.


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    Re: GG's Wends.

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