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    any suggestions on Dome strategy



    any suggestions on Dome strategy

    Post  Guest on 28th March 2009, 10:00 pm

    It's pretty much a FFA, but would be interested to hear any strategy suggestions you have..


    Re: any suggestions on Dome strategy

    Post  Guest on 29th March 2009, 10:54 am

    What I do from the very start,if im lucky enough to start up top instead of on the lower section.....

    I go toward the underneath area as soon as I can.Plant 1 betty by the crates.The one side with the beam and the upper area/stairs. I set a betty in the doorway on the lower near the stairs. Shoot ppl with my rifle from the other opening.

    On the other end of the map,without the upper section....
    I plant the betty in the door way by the rear entrance,then one outside the front door opposite that next to the sandbags. I go to the other opening where you can peek through the wood slats. If you crouch with a SMG,or pretty much anything,you can shoot through the bottom slat at ppl before they even see you.

    I hate the lower,too many ppl and areas to defend that they come at you.Nades kill you down there,betties galore also.I hate this map because of RN'ers run all over.It's the way I counteract them. I almost always get artillery this way,and maybe dogs 60% of the time?

    My two cents. Just what i've been doing.

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